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First of all I wish to dedicate this page to the visitors who may be in need of my services in this part of the world.

The main aim of my site is to promote international Friendhood and earn a lively hood by serving the needy.

I am interested in having business association with fellow tour operators all over the world, who may be interested in sending their clients to Indian sub-continent, learning the life here, the customs and manners etc. by setting up tourist cultural centres, showing the life in detail.

I would also like to promote international business of any nature, between countries in all continents, say export and import promotion of any/all items by connecting the demand and supply points.

I give hereunder some important web site with whom I am associated:-

I am Abdul Shabeer

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I am Abdul Shabeer from Kannur, now ia m working in Sharjah, UAE

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I like surfing the web very much and interested in listening music, watching movies.

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day!

If you want to contact me, email at abdulshabeer@hotmail.com

I was born and brought up at Mathamangalam, a village at Nila river side, in the District of Kannur, Kerala.

Kerala is the most southern state of India and well known about her amazing natural beauty.

I spent my childhood, schooling  in this village and did college at Malabar College ,Kannur....

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This is an humble effort to introduce myself to the world wide web so that I can communicate with you people in a fastest way thereby re-establishing the link that we have lost some where in the long run of life.(Shabeer)


Please send your suggestions

I'm a postgraduate in Computer Engineering (Software & Hardware Engineer) from Calicut University (2000)

The picture with My Friend's(Mr.RazakAgalad,Mr.Anees and Mr.Fawas

The Picture taken From City Centre Dubai, that day was Eid......

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